Start Making Procreate Brushes that will BLOW people away!

Start Making Procreate Brushes that will BLOW People Away!


1-Week Procreate Brush Designer is your key to making brushes that set you apart fast. Get a thorough understanding of EVERY Procreate v5.3 setting and toggle, so you can confidently start making brushes customized to you!

Reg $148  Sale $58 USD  

This opportunity is too good to pass up! Lets go!

What My Students Have to Say 

Brush Settings Finally Make Sense! If you're intimidated by all the menus, sliders, and toggle switches in Procreate's brush settings, this class will change that. 

 -Alan S

The Procreate Brush Designer class is comprehensive and easy to follow especially for complete beginners. Delivers exactly what is promised and then some.
-Deedre C

Just jump in! I've made brushes before, but now I know WHY each setting works the way it does, so now I can envision what I want a brush to do, and I know which adjustments are going to get me there.

- Jaime B

So Many of the Current Resources Leave you Feeling Stuck!

 1-Week Procreate Brush Designer 

gets you making brushes that set you apart quickly! 

Include me! I'm positively buzzing with excitement!

 What You'll Get in This Course

  • FREE exclusive brush pack worth $40, this deal won't last forever!
  • Learn foundational Procreate brush settings for your unique artistic vision.
  • Gain confidence to bring your ideas to life.
  • Create brushes for personal use and learn to sell them online.
  • Up-to-date tutorials covering all Procreate v5.3 brush settings.
  • Video tutorials, PDFs, and subtitles for all learning styles in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
  • Instructor with over 5 years of brush design experience and 6500 sales.
  • Make 3D, glitter, and alcohol ink brushes, and more.
  • Tips and tricks for standout Procreate brushes.
  • Guidance on selling in a saturated market.

Day 1 

Build Your Confidence!

✅ Frame your mindset to believe how wildly capable you are

✅Learn what's holding you back from success and what to do instead!

Day 2

Stamps, Markers and Smooth Strokes

✅ Save time in your art by making re-uasable custom stamp brushes. 

✅ Understand which settings get you smoother strokes, so your Modern Calligraphy and lettering pieces look professional!

‚úÖ Learn which settings & toggles help you create realistic digital markers and pens.

Day 3

Create Brushes With

Your Physical Art


✅ Create brushes using  your own artwork. Full tutorial on how I make my Alcohol Ink art in real life.

✅ Learn when to use anti-aliasing and when to avoid it in your brushes.

‚úÖ Learn how grey/black and white can create endless styles of unique brushes.

Day 4 

Seamless Pattern Brushes 

& Shiny Textures 

✅ Create endless brush textures.

✅ Learn how to make an array of seamless pattern brushes.

✅ Understand how I create glitter, shimmer and 3D brushes that jump off the page and grab attention.

Day 5 

Watercolor &

Rainbow Brushes

✅ Learn which settings help you to create stunning watercolor brushes!

✅ Plus which settings help you to create rainbow brushes and dual color brushes.  

Day 6 

Control your brushes with Pressure and Tilt!

‚úÖ Learn the settings that give you a realistic edge for your pencil brushes.

✅ Understand the settings that allow you to make brushes to blend your art together.

Day 7 Procreate Brush Settings 

✅ Create brushes for 3D objects.

✅ Learn to combine brushes for even more brush possibilities!

Bonus Day - How to Sell Your Brushes 

‚úÖ Make Listing Photos to showcase your brushes and get sales.

‚úÖ Organize your brushes with DROPBOX to make selling them easy!

✅ How to Set up an Etsy Account 

✅ Get your brushes seen by other people without spending money on ads. 

✅ Be successful selling your brushes to earn a passive income.

I want to join the brush making party! Count me in!

What's Included In The Course


All the modules have subtitles and PDF's for each video in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Learn my secrets 

You'll get access to everything I know about making Procreate brushes. Including my Alcohol Ink Stamps, Glitter and shiny 3D brushes. You'll get access to $40 worth of some of these brushes to study along with in the course!

Value Packed Video Tutorials

This course includes dozens of value packed video tutorials, making unique Procreate brush design, easier than ever before!

Private Facebook Group Access

Join a Facebook group to ask me or your fellow students questions. If you are stuck on a setting or want to know how to get your brush to behave the way you want it to, this is where you'll come to! Plus see what other students have made! Creating is more fun when you aren't alone!

Bonus FREE Procreate Brushes!

Download a starter pack of some of my favorite and most popular brushes to study the settings and follow along with. Plus included color palettes to go with the 3D brushes. You'll only be able to find this set of brushes here in the course!

Worth $40!

Hook me up! I'm eager to dive in!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi - I'm Lauren Metge from Blush River Design and just like you, I wanted to learn how to make Procreate Brushes. It took me countless hours of trial and error to learn the settings and bring the ideas in my head into reality.

I've now been making hundreds of beautiful Procreate Brushes for over 5 years. With over 6500 online sales and 700+ 5 star reviews, I have learned how to make quality Procreate brushes.  

I want to take the knowledge I have gained and show you how to make Procreate Brushes for the art you make.

I'm sharing many of my secrets in this program, so you can start creating amazing Procreate brushes in much less time! In 1 week to be exact, I will show you everything you need to know. 

I'm all in! Let's kickstart this adventure!

This Course Is For You If

‚úÖ You want to learn how to take the ideas in your head and transform them into unique Procreate Brushes.

✅ You value creativity, innovation and hard work.

‚úÖ You want to learn quickly without wasting time on Youtube.

This Course Is NOT For You If

ūüöę You want to learn how to make other creators Procreate brushes.

ūüöę You want to be told how to make a specific brush.

ūüöę You give up easily.¬†

I want all this! Sign me up now!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Even More Reviews!!

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Here are some examples of the 50+ beautiful procreate brush sets I've created!

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