Color Palettes and Card Templates

✅ Snag 144 mini color palettes organized into 24 Procreate Palettes.

  • With colors from around the world, animals, seasons, nature, and so much more.
  • Bonus - 2 full Procreate Palettes with neon and pastel cotton candy colors.

✅ Design cards in a variety of sizes with 3 of my most popular products! Card templates for Procreate. Now you won't need to worry about your designs getting cut off at printing!  Get sizes 5x7in, 4x6in and 2.5x3.5in(which is perfect size for valentines).

✨ Would be $71 but you get it all as a student for just $25


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1 Week Procreate Brush Designer

You're about to learn how to design dreamy unique Procreate brushes, FROM SCRATCH! In just 1 week! This course is perfect for digital artists and designers who want to learn how to use the Procreate brush settings to their advantage. Get the skills you need to STAND OUT and create unique brush designs. With step by step tutorials, you'll understand how to create beautiful brushes - faster and easier than ever before! 

You're about to get:

  • ✅ THE 1 Week Procreate Brush Designer Course! 
  • ✅ BONUS - Procreate Brush & Color Palette Set to study and follow along with. Worth $40 - FREE!

What you are avoiding!

🚫 Wasting time 

🚫 Wasting money 

🚫 Pulling your hair out 

What you are Recieving!

 ✅ Saving money 💲💵 by creating your own brushes instead of having to buy everyone else's!

 ✅ Saving time 🕰️ . No more Youtube rabbit holes and finally learning everything you need to know about Procreate brushes faster and easier than every before!

 ✅ Easy-to-understand step-by-step videos, set up with subtitles in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish!

 ✅ PDF's to study after you watch the videos, for the ability to easily scan for the information you need to remember or learn further!

 ✅ Gaining confidence 💪🏻 to stand out in what can feel like a saturated market. 

 ✅ Being led by an experienced digital artist and entrepreneur who has designed 100's of Procreate brushes for over 5 years.

  Exclusive Access to Private Procreate Brush Designer Facebook Group 


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